Wedding Bells.. X


Last summer our workshop leader, Melissa, had been given an old vintage dresser by Janet (her lovely neighbour!). There were a quite few holes to fill and lots of sanding to do to smooth it down but the shape of the piece was fantastic. Knowing that she was going to be a bridesmaid for her old school friend Melissa kept the piece to one side ready to be reloved in time for the wedding…

And last week the Chalk Paint® transformation began! First, the holes were wood filled and sanded, and a layer of Old White was applied all over as the base. Once this had dried Melissa started an ombre effect on the dresser, starting with a darker tone at the bottom of the piece then fading this colour up to the top. She started with Chateau Grey on the legs of the piece, then mixed a lighter shade of Chateau Grey for the middle section and an even paler shade for the top section. At this point the piece looked to have three distinct bands of colour. Once these had dried, they could then be subtly blended together using a sponge to create the ombre effect. She then used a combination of sand paper and clear wax to give a lovely distressed finish and help blend the bands together even more. The effect was fantastic but there definitely needed to be some contrast. Inspired by the Graphite kitchen she’s painting at the moment, Melissa then painted the top of the piece in Graphite, with the Old White base showing through at the edges. The final step was to choose the handles and (after a drilling tutorial from her fiance!) the piece was finally ready to be delivered – it was even used as the wedding gift table at the reception!




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Treats & Trinkets For Gift Lovers

Sometimes in our busy lives it can be hard to fit any shopping in, let alone gift shopping! Here at Scarlett Ribbon we know it can be time consuming to find the perfect gift. Luckily, us girls working in the shop are perfectly placed to find the best gifts for our friends and loved ones. We thought we’d compile a little list of tried and tested gift ideas that have gone done well with our own loved ones recently ❤️

1. Moa Green Balm

We cannot tell you have often these little pots are bought as gifts! They come in three sizes, this being the biggest, and are a sure fire way of putting a smile on someone’s face. They’re organic, beautifully packaged and affordable. Melissa bought one of these pots for a friend who had been struggling with ezscema and she absolutely loved it ❤️

2. Cheryl Strayed’s ‘Brave Enough’

We’ve been selling lots of lovely books for gifts recently, but this mini instruction manual for soul is definitely our favourite! Glynnis, Scarlett Ribbon’s founder, recently sent one to a close friend who was having a particularly tough time. Full of wonderful quotes and inspiration, this was the perfect gift to bring out a smile ❤️

3. Personalised Charm Bracelets

Jewellery is always a lovely treat, especially when it’s personalised. There are all sorts of combinations you can make here. One of our favourite customers, Erica, bought one of these bracelets for her Mum with each of the grandchildren’s initials on. Melissa, one of our shop girls, recently gave one to her friend to celebrate a Christening. She included the baby’s initial and Mum and Dad’s initials, too ❤️

4. Positivitea

This tea-themed combination is a strong favourite here at the shop! Who doesn’t like tea and a new mug?! The teas come in a range of flavours and ‘chakras’ so you can add a nice personal touch with your choice of chakra blend. Couple it with a brightly coloured mug to match and you’re ready to go! ❤️

5. Wild Heart Candles

These Wild Heart Candles are just beautiful as presents. There are a range of different aromatherapy scents depending on what you think your loved one would like the most. For her friend, Amy, a busy solicitor, Melissa opted for the Life and Soul, a beautiful blend of Gingerlily, Bergamot and Cypress ❤️

Happy gift shopping! X

Paint, paint, paint…

Melissa, one of our shop girls, is currently painting a kitchen and hallway for one of our longest standing customers here at Scarlett Ribbon. It’s a beautiful space and the perfect time to use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint TM and Wall Paint for the same project.

Having used Chalk Paint for years, it’s been no surprise to find that the Wall Paint goes on beautifully. It’s so lovely to paint with and so easy to clean up afterwards. One thing that seems to work really well is to water down the second coat, just like we do when painting furniture. It seems to make the paint go on a lot smoother and gives a really professional finish.

The colour scheme is Old White (a white without any yellow or pink tones) and Graphite for the cabinets. The result so far is very clean and classic, it has really opened up the space. The kitchen in particular doesn’t get a huge amount of light which has meant the Old White has taken on the look of a very subtle, pale grey. It looks gorgeous.

For the kitchen cabinets Melissa will be using the usual Chalk Paint TM and clear wax combination, with more coats of wax for those higher use areas. For the shelving units which house books and ornaments she’ll be using Chalk Paint as an undercoat but the Wall Paint for the top coat. This is so the paint adhere but so that the final coat won’t need to be waxed or varnished. Just a coat of lacquer on the tops of the shelves should do the trick!

We’ll keep you posted with how she gets on! 💕

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Endless Possibilities… Worldwide!

Melissa, our workshop leader here at Scarlett Ribbon, spent two years helping one of Annie Sloan’s first New Zealand stockists, Lisa Isaac at Papillon. We thought it would be nice to share a few of her favourite pieces from her time away and a little insight into how they were created.

❤️ Olive bathroom shelves with Pure White polka dots…


“This was one of the first pieces I did after discovering that Chalk Paint TM was sold in NZ. I was so excited I wanted to paint everything… Even the bamboo bathroom shelves in our rented accommodation! The base coat was Olive and the Pure White polka dots were applied using a cotton bud (a little trick taught to me by Glynnis, the owner of Scarlett Ribbon!). I knew I couldn’t take them with me when we moved out but those little polka dots made me smile every time I brushed my teeth!”

❤️ Zebidee the Zebra…


“This was one of the final pieces I painted at Papillon before flying home to the UK. We’d been given a pre loved rocking horse and wanted to spruce him up ready for a new home. The base colour was Old Ochre, the stripes Paris Grey and the rocker Graphite. We also braided some twine for his lovely mane. Safe to say he was on his way to a new family in no time!”

❤️ The Ultimate Favourite…”This was a piece Lisa and I couldnt wait to get our hands on! It was loaned to us by the wonderful Marlene with the instructions that it be transformed from it’s original white into something really eye catching! Marlene didn’t mind what we did as long as it was ready in time for her shop opening a few weeks later. Many, many cups of coffee later we unveiled this to Marlene and she absolutely loved it. We had created a four layer effect using a complementary colour scheme and the help of one of Annie Sloan’s wonderful books. Lisa lovingly stripped the handles back to their original colour and… Voilà! We were so happy with ourselves and even happier when Annie Sloan shared the image on her Facebook page!”

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The sun has got his hat on…

…hip, hip, hip, hip, hooray!

This bank holiday weekend we’ve had sun, rain and even hail stones..! So while the sun is finally shining this afternoon we thought we’d take a few snaps of our lovely new window. We’ve got lots of bright new stock in and an exciting Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM delivery on the way… It’s going to be a busy week! X

Wall paint x

Did you know Annie Sloan TM now does wall paint?! Coming in 10 colours it is washable and scrubbable with no prep required. Great coverage with minimal splatter, and is suitable for either brush or roller! It dries in only 40 minutes too!! So so easy to use, and the finish is beautiful….love love love the Paris grey x 

SiR at Scarlett Ribbon!

We have a very exciting announcement for you all!!

Here at Scarlett Ribbon, we are launching a brilliant new menswear range.

We are now stocking great shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, cufflinks and bow ties for men, with some fabulous socks on the way too!

Our menswear is designed in London and is made with amazing attention to detail!

Our first range, so fitting with the fabulous Lake District, features a mountain theme!

Get yourself down here to check it out!

IMG_4386 IMG_4387 IMG_4385IMG_4387


Time for tennis!

As the suns shines on Wimbledon, we thought we’d pay a little tribute with the this fabulous window display! Featuring some fabulous tennis inspired prints, yellows and greens, we think this is great companion to the beautiful weather we’re having! All we’re missing is the Strawberries and Cream!

 IMG_3712 IMG_3706 IMG_3711 IMG_3719

Join our fabulous team!

Here at Scarlett Ribbon, we are looking for somebody to work 2 days a week, over a Friday and Saturday!

We offer a great rate of pay, a bonus scheme, full training and staff discount!

Drop your CV in the shop today, or give us a ring on 01539447946 for more information!

What an exciting opportunity….

Here at Scarlett Ribbon we are looking for a new member to join our fabulous team!!

We are looking for someone to work 2 days per week, over Fridays and Saturdays!

Our team members benefit from a great rate of pay, a bonus scheme, staff discount and full training!

If you can see yourself as part of our lovely team, working in the shop, then drop your CV in to us or give us a ring on 015394 47946.

lovely messy open tins



Upcoming Annie Sloan Workshops


Thanks to Annie Sloan, we are very lucky to provide this wonderful service here, and are the only official workshop providers in The Lake District!.

We provide you with aprons and tools, plus tea or a speciality coffee from our new machine!  So all you have to bring is enthusiasm and a smile!


…Beginners and Advanced courses…


Tuesday 19th May                        Starts at 10am

Thursday 4th June                     Starts at 1.30pm

Friday 12th June                        Starts at 1.30pm

Friday 10th July                        Starts at 1.30pm

Friday 17th July                        Starts at 1.30pm

Friday 7th August                     Starts at 1.30pm

Friday 14th August                   Starts at 1.30pm

(takes approx. 3 hours)


Thursday 4th June                          Starts at 5pm

Friday 10th July                              Starts at 5pm

Friday 7th August                            Starts at 5pm

(Takes approx. 3 hours)

workshops cost £65 per person.

We provide all equipment: Brushes, aprons, paint, plank of wood, tea, coffee and biscuits too!



A detailed introduction to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, wax, and three major paint techniques. This is the perfect learning experience for anyone who wishes to start commission work or just as a hobby! You will be painting on a wooden board provided by us.


Building upon the techniques learnt on the Beginners workshop, this detailed workshop teaches: Decoupage, Stencilling, Gold leaf and Crackle Glaze. You will be painting onto a wooden board provided by us.

                           Both £65 per person or £120 for full day                                 

(Approx 3 hours long, Plus 10% discount off Annie Sloan products on the day)

We do need you to have attended some form of beginners course before being able to join on our advanced course, so that you have knowledge of using the paint. We do require payment in advance to secure your place, this can be done over the phone 015394 47946. 


Just give us a call if you need more information! call us on 015394 47946 or email us

The Rabbit and Pigeon

These delightfully transformed pieces started life as very plain indeed! Bright hite trays with a hint of distressing.  

So we decided to give them a make over, using our friend the rabbit and the pigeon! Using a Paris grey wash (Paris grey mixed with water), we then wiped it down with a dry cloth after to create the washed look. A bit of sand paper here and there too if you wish. Decoupaging makes for a wonderfully satisfying project. Print off any image that takes your fancy and stick it on! We used Annie Sloan’s decoupaging glue, but then topped the whole piece with her floor lacquer, for extra protection. 
These are now for sale in the shop for £13.95 x